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Found and Lost in the Twentieth State 1940s-1950s


Found and Lost in the Twentieth State -1940s-1950s

From terrifying tales of staying with her primitive grandmother alone in summers when she was only six and seven years old. the book ends with the tragic and horrible story of a lynching in Estess's hometown when she was sixteen years old.  All of the perpetrators went free, although the FBI came into the small town and worked for one month on the case, which was never re-opened. The crime touched Sybil's own family in that the perpetrators threatened her father's business when he allowed the FBI men to use his offices in off hours.
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My Story

A Ph.D. from Syracuse University. Sybil has lived in Houston for nearly 30 years. She has served as a literature panelist for both the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Cultural Arts Council of Houston as well as on the Adult Education Council of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral. Sybil Pittman Estess was a founding organizer of the Houston Poetry Fest. 


Sybil taught for "Imprint," the Adult Education courses, non-credit for Univ of Houston's Creative Writing Program.  She has been nominated for Poet Laureate of the State of Texas for 2015, and was first runner up for Poet Laureate in 2009.

My Books
Dr. Estess' work has been published in a variety of books and journals over the last three decades, including:
  • The Paris Review

  • Shenandoah

  • Western Humanities Review

  • Rattle

  • The Southern Review

  • The Texas Review

  • Southern Humanities Review

  • American Women Writers

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